vuepress-plugin-gitalk-maker 是基于 vuepress 的评论功能,数据源来自 github 的 issues。底层基于 gitalk




yarn add vuepress-plugin-gitalk-maker


module.exports = {
  plugins: [
        gitalkConfig: {
          clientID: 'clientID',
          clientSecret: 'clientSecret',
          repo: 'vuepress-plugin-gitalk-maker',
          owner: 'xxholly32',
          admin: ['xxholly32'],
          // id: location.pathname, // 无法配置默认用 location.pathname
          distractionFreeMode: false, // Facebook-like distraction free mode

如果没有 github 应用可以去注册一个, 传送门


数据来源于 gitalk

  • clientID String

    Required. GitHub Application Client ID.

  • clientSecret String

    Required. GitHub Application Client Secret.

  • repo String

    Required. GitHub repository.

  • owner String

    Required. GitHub repository owner. Can be personal user or organization.

  • admin Array

    Required. GitHub repository owner and collaborators. (Users who having write access to this repository)

  • id String

    Default: location.href.

    The unique id of the page. Length must less than 50.

  • number Number

    Default: -1.

    The issue ID of the page, if the number attribute is not defined, issue will be located using id.

  • labels Array

    Default: ['Gitalk'].

    GitHub issue labels.

  • title String

    Default: document.title.

    GitHub issue title.

  • body String

    Default: location.href + header.meta[description].

    GitHub issue body.

  • language String

    Default: navigator.language || navigator.userLanguage.

    Localization language key, en, zh-CN and zh-TW are currently available.

  • perPage Number

    Default: 10.

    Pagination size, with maximum 100.

  • distractionFreeMode Boolean

    Default: false.

    Facebook-like distraction free mode.

  • pagerDirection String

    Default: 'last'

    Comment sorting direction, available values are last and first.

  • createIssueManually Boolean

    Default: false.

    By default, Gitalk will create a corresponding github issue for your every single page automatically when the logined user is belong to the admin users. You can create it manually by setting this option to true.

  • proxy String


    GitHub oauth request reverse proxy for CORS. Why need this?

  • flipMoveOptions Object


        staggerDelayBy: 150,
        appearAnimation: 'accordionVertical',
        enterAnimation: 'accordionVertical',
        leaveAnimation: 'accordionVertical',

    Comment list animation. Reference

  • enableHotKey Boolean

    Default: true.

    Enable hot key (cmd|ctrl + enter) submit comment.